Growth is essential to life … and nonprofits!

At ResourceOne Digital, our desire is to effectively help non-profit organizations grow through precise, sophisticated, and efficient digital marketing for achieving impactful growth.



Want to grow stronger? We evaluate how to boost your digital or marketing fundraising program.

It’s always good to ask the experts, whether your digital fundraising program seems to be thriving … or withering on the vine. We will help you identify areas that need more care and fertilization … and others that could use a little pruning.

Through a customized audit from ResourceOne Digital, we conduct a thorough analysis that helps your organization:

  • Ensure your identity, purpose, and heart of your work are easily understood
  • Assess the effectiveness and impact of your overall messaging
  • Analyze donor giving patterns and behaviors in every season in all digital channels
  • Measure the impact and cohesiveness of your digital and offline efforts
  • Develop a plan of action for improved fundraising
  • Implement strategic changes to enhance donor acquisition and cultivation
  • Assess single digital facets of your program like search engine optimization, web site traffic patterns, and usability audits
Learn More about what Audits we can perform for you.

To make a big difference, you need a little help from your friends.

Without financial support, your non-profit work just wouldn’t be possible. But dollars don’t magically appear on trees. No, they’re the outpouring of relationships rooted in a strong donor community!

We will help you find and cultivate lasting donor relationships. With ResourceOne Digital’s collective 100 years of experience in the non-profit sector, we are well equipped to help you make a difference in the world. And we’re ready to develop a fundraising program that helps:

  • Establish your organization’s unique mission, voice, and personality
  • Connect with the right donors who are ready to link arms in support
  • Ensure effective strategies that work in digital, social or other channels
  • Deliver clear messaging that stimulates the mind and tugs the heart
  • Achieve measurable results to help you plan and steward responsibly
  • Take advantage of ever-changing technology to build long-lasting relationships

The landscape may be overcrowded, but we can help you stand out!

With so many great non-profits vying for attention these days, it can be difficult for donors to focus on your cause. But by consolidating behaviors, demographic and digital engagement data, we can help your organization connect with the right person in the right place at the right time for the right reason!

ResourceOne Digital helps your organization identify the:

  • Right Person — Using digital personas and data sources, we can identify the right person to pursue based on consumer behaviors and lifestyle interests that drive brand perception and choice.
  • Right Place — We find your audience’s sweet spot by using performance data and syndicated audience data to develop a strategy that combines site direct and programmatic partners for pursuing constituents online.
  • Right Time — When are your donors online? Is there a time of year better suited for specific offers? What day of the week is best to communicate? Our digital communications timing is lined up with your constituents’ behaviors.
  • Right Reason — It’s key to have the right conversations with each constituent based on their position in the acquisition to conversion process.

Your online home definitely needs curb appeal. We can help!

First impressions matter especially on the world wide web. That’s why your organization’s website is key to representing who you are and what you do. Snooze ‘em and you lose ‘em!

While you may never meet some of your organization’s supporters in person, you will meet them at your virtual home! And our web development team is ready to help:

  • Build or renovate your site with an updated, mobile-friendly design
  • Customize for today and tomorrow to scale as you grow
  • Recommend a content management system that’s robust and easy to use
  • Ensure your web system is compliant with the latest industry standards
  • Optimize your site and provide value with a SEO and content marketing strategy
  • Create a streamlined user experience that encourages interaction and donations

How does your site traffic grow? With a dynamic and innovative media strategy built upon strategic SEO, SEM, and PPC marketing.

Many mysteries and confusing acronyms are associated with online media—which is the fastest growing segment of online marketing and fundraising. But that’s why we’re here!

We’ll help you spend less time searching for people who care and show how they can easily find you. As they search for what interests them –- whether on Google, Bing or other search engines –- your cause will be presented to the them in the form of organic (free) or paid results and ads.

So let ResourceOne Digital help your organization thrive online when we:

  • Develop a comprehensive media plan
  • Ensure your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) drives high relevancy and accessibility for your site to those searching
  • Build or renovate an existing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) plan to engage potential or current constituents across all search paths regardless of device type
  • Create a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaign with keyword research and selection and corresponding landing pages that are optimized through sophisticated algorithms
  • If you are a non-profit we will help you administer or maximize your google grant. If you don’t have one we will help you get started

Another day … another crop of social media opportunities. We’ll help you keep up!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are just the beginning. It’s no wonder it can be overwhelming to think about your organization being on so many social media channels. Should you plant one seed or scatter your presence on them all?

ResourceOne Digital will help you identify where you should be — and when — to engage with your constituents online. With a customized social media strategy for your organization, we want to help you continue the conversation:

  • Identify the most effective social media channels to use for your donor demographic
  • Create a content strategy schedule to help you post on a consistent basis
  • Develop targeted fundraising or crowdsourcing campaigns to achieve desired results
  • Maximize use of informational content that reports back to donors and complements your fundraising efforts
  • Establish thought leaders from your organization to increase awareness and reinforce your brand
  • Encourage more real-time interaction with donors through strategic, user-engagement content
  • Help you learn how to monetize your social media expenditures for maximum ROI

Meet your donors where they live … on their mobile devices!

More than half of all email is now read on mobile devices. The U.S. is mobile-focused. And by 2017, it’s predicted the number of mobile phone users worldwide will reach 4.77 billion. So if you’re not effectively branching out to reach your donors via mobile, then now is the time for fertilization!

People who want to connect with you in this way show a deeper level of engagement and enthusiasm. And that’s exactly the kind of donors you’re looking for!

ResourceOne Digital will help you make the most of your mobile presence and outreach as we:

  • Develop a mobile fundraising strategy that complements your existing digital and/or offline efforts
  • Attract more real-time donations by inviting donors to respond to text-to-give messages
  • Mobile optimize your website, email, and donation form for mobile access and action!
  • Develop mobile websites or event sites that allow donors to experience a mobile version right from their phones
  • Create mobile apps allowing log-ins to individual campaigns, post to social sites and donors to become “mobile fundraisers”
  • Identify opportunities for more donor engagement through surveys, petitions or other vehicles tailored for mobile

Social video is where it’s at, and people are watching, from Millennials to Boomers!

A projected 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will come from video. So it’s really not a question of “if” but “when” you need to augment your digital fundraising program with social video.

Your next generation of supporters –- the 18 to 33 year-old demographic — are more likely to watch video on their mobile devices or laptops. And your core Boomer donors are already there, responding to video appeals. You need to be ready to connect with millennials as you watch their passion for your cause grow. Through social video, ResourceOne Digital helps you:

  • Show your organization’s story and build awareness
  • Encourage more sharing of your content across more social media channels
  • Increase open rates for emails when “video” is used in the subject lines
  • Boost website conversion and bring more donors to your online home
  • Give smartphone users a quicker overview of a campaign or project
  • Repurpose the life of text-based information into a dynamic communication style
  • Personalize your video experience for increased response rate

Yes, email still works … and provides high ROI for today’s fundraisers and marketers.

Non-profit emails have the highest open and click-through rates than any other industry, according to the Direct Marketing Association. It’s cost-effective and easily helps potential supporters bloom spectacularly into committed, vital donors!

Why? Because what you’re exchanging is valuable: your information for your donors’ time. And whether it’s an eAppeal, a video message or an eNewsletter, this key interaction helps build trust and relationship with your community.

Through a strategic email initiative, ResourceOne Digital helps your organization:

  • Deliver the right message with the right ask at the right time
  • Extend the life of your direct mail campaigns or print messaging
  • Increase social media presence by encouraging multichannel shares
  • Connect with donors where they are — laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, desktop
  • Work in tandem with other communication media to ensure a deeper connection with your audience
  • Automate the communication process driving the right message at the right time during the acquisition to conversion process

We have deep roots to help your organization thrive in evergreen print world.

Good support comes from strong roots, right? That’s why ResourceOne Digital is grateful for such a solid and supportive parent company, ResourceOne Fundraising Group, which has over 20 years of experience in direct communication and fundraising. It provides remarkable value because of the volume pricing that results from owning and operating one of the industry’s largest print production facilities in the United States.

ResourceOne is the “One” you can trust when looking for increased customer response, and offers your organization many powerful solutions including:

  • Direct Mail
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Data Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Call Center
  • Fundraising
  • Caging
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